Amsterdam Datacenter

Home of the world's largest single metro area Internet exchange, this Facility offers great connectivity. The facility is of a high standard of specification including certified ISO9001, 2000 and ISO27001. Our power systems have built-in redundancy, full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems with up to N+1 levels or greater, and backup generator systems in the event of a local utility failure.

Amsterdam Datacenter

Datacenter Specifications


  • Two stories high
  • Brick facade structure
  • 6,000 sq. m. of raised floor
  • Building in building concept


  • Diverse underground feeds at 10 Kv with 12 MW of capacity
  • Multiple generators of various sizes installed
  • Multiple bulk diesel fuel storage tanks
  • On-site diesel storage for 48-hour run time
  • Redundant N+1 UPS systems
  • Dual feeds per rack


  • Central condenser water system
  • Redundant N+1 HVAC systems


  • On-site security personnel 24x365 security staff
  • Card key and biometric access controls
  • Digital video monitoring and recording
  • Locking cabinets
  • Fire safety: VESDA and pre-action dry-pipe
  • Fire warning: Pre-action, early warning


  • Diverse underground conduit entry points
  • Centralized carrier access
  • Building is a premier Internet gateway facility for the area