Load Balancing

When you outgrow your server and it is not capable of handling your traffic anymore, or if you need maximum reliability AdultEUhost comes to the rescue. With deploying load balancers you will not only balance your traffic and workload across several servers but also increase the availability of your websites. Once our load balancers detects an issue with one of the servers in the cluster that server is temporarily disabled and traffic is rerouted to the working servers.

In addition we have more advanced load balancers thay have the ability to route traffic to the nearest location. For example when you have servers located in two different countries or continents we are able to send the visitor to the location which is nearest to them. In case one datacenter experiences problems it will automatically route all traffic to the functioning datacenter. This makes it a perfect disaster recovery solution where uptime is key.

With our load balancing solutions you can fully focus on growing your business while we handle the technical part.

AdultEUhost has solutions that fit every budget.
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