Network Test Suite

Test Suite

AdultEUhost has developed a free download speed test for you to use. It determines the bandwidth you have available at that moment and gives you a comparison to some common DSL and cable plans so you have an idea where you stand. After running the test you will be able to share or save the results.

Open the Test Suite

Download Files

We have put together some files, both small and large, which you can use download and determine download speeds yourself.

1 Gigabyte test file

100 Megabyte test file

10 Megabyte test file

1 Megabyte test file

Please note that many factors can affect actual download speeds. Examples are your own computer, your internet connection or the server location. The download speeds reported in this test simply represents a reference point of your download speed and does not provide or represent a true average or guarantee of service. AdultEUhost has made reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, however, no guarantees for the accuracy of information are made.